I'm Stephanie Pixley. I'm twelve years old, practically an adult. There was only a week left until school started and I still hadn't gone shopping for school clothes. When I finally did get to go, it was my worst nightmare! Some of the girls from The 'In' Crowd were there. You know the type. I'm sure you go to school with them as well--the type that love to make your life unbearable because they think they're better than you are.
  Jamie, Heather and Rachael are exactly that type--the type who enjoy making my life miserable! Read my story and see how I deal with them in The 'In' Crowd. When you're done, leave me a message in the reviews and let me know more about you and if you liked reading my story. It will encourage other kids to read it too, so they know we are not alone--but together, we can make a difference.