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Doing chores can be boring, but it is about to get a lot more exciting for Eric as Wind shows up and challenges him. It does not take long before chores seem less like work and more like fun!
  LEAVE ME ALONE is an exciting story to help teach children about the seasons. The story is set in fall and helps show children how it tends to be windy in the fall. It also helps them to see the fun in fall activities, such as raking leaves and playing hockey. Be sure to read LEAVE ME ALONE COLD WIND to see what Eric is up to in the winter.
  Suggested questions to ask children after reading this story:
  1. What season does this story take place?
2. What is the weather like in the fall?
3. Is it windy?
4. Does it make it hard to do chores, like raking leaves?
5. What do you like about fall?